Ahau Tulum
Ahau Tulum is an environmentally-conscious Resort and Guest House offering its magical experience.
We invite you to walk barefoot in the sand, shower in the blessing of the sun and be cradled by the nourishment of the ocean.
Beach Cabañas
Ahau offers its luxurious cabañas right in the heart of Tulum beach.
Booking & Rates
Are you ready to manifest your getaway with Ahau ...?
Daily yoga practice every morning in our studio, aerial and belly dancing, candlelight yoga...
Ahau welcomes you with an open heart and is here to empower you with natural yummy vibes.
Yoga & Spa
Connecting breath with movement gives us peace and health...
Ahau Retreats are programs for individuals who want self-exploration and growth...
Come ride the waves and fly away, or explore the coral reef off our shores...
Special Events
Celebrate your life with Ahau, we can help you design your special event...
Environmental Commitment
Ahau holds the spirit of this sacred environment of our Mayan ancestors to preserve and share...
Explore the culturally stimulating environment of the ancient Mayans...