About Us

What is Ahau?
Ahau is a Hotel Resort and community based on the principles of Mother Nature. With a vision to create a blueprint for future businesses and communities,  it demonstrates how like hearted people can join together in unity allowing space for each other to evolve,  raise consciousness by living with love and gratitude.

Where is Ahau?
Ahau is located on the beach of Tulum town, a truly unique place tucked away in the jungle. Tulum is about living an ecological and sustainable lifestyle. During high season in the winter and spring, Tulum is a mecca for artists and musicians from all over the world who come here to share their talents and wisdom.  There are yoga retreats, eco-workshops and sweat lodges, shamanic and drumming circles, and a multitude of musicians. And this is part of what makes Tulum so special – this international community of people who appreciate design, music, dance, natural foods and who holds a deep regard for nature and individuality.

Who are we?
We’re people from all over the world, from all social backgrounds cultures and age groups. We’re visitors and permanent residents with skills to maintain the community and support the collective vision. Here at Ahau we celebrate unity through diversity and treasuring each individual as our extended familia.

How did we design Ahau?
We are here  drawing together diverse ideas, skills and way of living which  need to be rediscovered and developed in order to empower us to move from being cultural conditioned dependent consumers to becoming productive citizens of the earth.

By carefully observing the teachings of nature with the help of Permaculture science, we’ve designed a system that mimics a healthy eco system which cycles resources in a way to enhance bio diversity. By doing what we love and loving what we do while keeping our highest intent in mind and heart for the benefit of all life.

Mexico is great for our experiment because it is still very much a developing country, it’s like a frontier for all kinds of new developments. It’s a great place to come if you want to reinvent or test yourself, especially now in the face of the growing global environmental crisis. For more info on our  Environmental Commitment.

Why have we chosen name Ahau?
We’ve chosen the name of Kin Ahau - Sun God - Ahau lives by spirit and operates from universal heart - Ahau is universal consciousness. It is represented by the crown chakra. Ahau prepares us to enter what the Mayans call THE ITZA AGE, also referred to by the Tibetans as the Golden Age - Satya Yuga initiating the healing process for the entire planet and humanity, thus initiating the age of Enlightenment, knowledge and peace.

In La Kesh "I am another you" (Mayan)
"When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from
many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their
actions and deeds
shall make the Earth Green Again
They will be known as the "Warriors of the Rainbow".

- Old Native American Prophecy