Environmental Commitment

Ahau is a part of living Organism called Earth, We learn to live in harmony by taking active responsibility for our environment……

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost is our thank you to mother Earth for its grand generosity.
  • We mimic nature by cycling nature’s resources enhancing life in the process as every healthy ecosystem does.
  • Our specially designed rain water catchment system that provides water for our gardens.
  • Our leaching field filtration system purifies our gray water (from the sinks and showers on site) in a closed system which is then safely able to be used in our gardens and returned it to nature without any harmful chemicals so we don’t disturb the sensitive climate of Tulum.
  • We use renewable Energy such as solar and wind to generate electricity.
  • All hot water on premises is heated by solar energy.
  • We implement dry composting toilets in our cabanas, to benefit the environment.
  • In the process of building we have not disturbed any tree on the land. The trees that are used for building have been sustainably harvested by native mayans.
  • All the buildings in the resort are constructed in order to take the most advantage from the natural shade, and all the windows are installed in a way that let the air circulate thus reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • We buy our food from local markets as well as grow our own produce.
  • We improve the health and diversity of the local ecosystem by replanting trees.

In La Kesh "I am another you" (Mayan)

Solar Powered Environmental Commitment